Happy Birthday Jude!

May 09, 2019  •  24 Comments

First birthday photos — Hornell, NY

Jude first birthday-11Jude first birthday-11
This handsome little man I finally got to meet on Saturday turns ONE today. And what a cutie he is.

Last week his mom, papa and I went on a pre-birthday photography adventure to celebrate his upcoming birthday. Jude first birthday-25Jude first birthday-25

First stop was Barillo Memorial Park in North Hornell. Though the ground was more than damp from all the recent rain, the budding trees made for the perfect early-spring backdrop. Jude sat perfectly in the adorable children’s rocking chair brought by his mother and smiled for the camera.  

Next stop was more fun for Jude — James Street Park, where he swung on the swing to his hearts content, sat on the slide (he isn’t a fan of sliding down them) and pretended to fly a plane.

After a little walk in his wagon, we finished up his session with the cake smash to end all cake smashes.

I was told that Jude loves sweets. And he did not disappoint.

He ripped into the cake like I have never seen before. Frosting everywhere. All over his clothes, his face, shoes, hair, everywhere. Even his family ended up wearing more than he expected. It was magical.

Happy first birthday Jude! And congratulations to his parents for making it through the first year.

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Jude first birthday-45Jude first birthday-45


Jude first birthday-50Jude first birthday-50

Jude first birthday-102Jude first birthday-102


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