Lily's Senior Photos

August 27, 2019  •  2 Comments

fbLBP_2627 copyfbLBP_2627 copyThe goats at the Stewart Fanily Farm took quite a liking to Lily.

I doesn't feel like it was all that long ago that Lily was in elementary school, walking through the Evening Tribune building in Hornell where I worked with her mom. 

A few years ago I took photos of her and a group of friends before a school dance. Years ago I couldn't believe how old she looked. 

I was shocked when her mom contacted me about shooting her senior photos. A senior already??? HOW?

I have watched Lily transform from a cute, blonde-haired, blue eyed little kid, to a beautiful young woman, entering her senior year of high school.

After graduation in 2020, the Hornell High School senior hopes to take steps toward her dream job of working in the FBI. She showed her respect for law enforcement by posing with a thin blue line flag outside the state building in Hornell. 

The most memorable part of the shoot certainly was the stop at the Stewart Family Farm in Howard, where we arranged to have her photos taken with a heard of goats, Lily's favorite animal. The mischievous goats surrounded us, exploring the zippers of my camera bag, surrounding Lily, and generally giving her more attention than she expected walking into the pasture. 

Yellow being her favorite color, she posed with yellow smoke bombs, near Black-Eyed Susans, and in her favorite yellow pants. Overall, I am thrilled with how we managed to make her senior shoot uniquely hers. 

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