Lynn Brennan Photography: Blog en-us (C) Lynn Brennan Photography [email protected] (Lynn Brennan Photography) Mon, 12 Jun 2023 16:35:00 GMT Mon, 12 Jun 2023 16:35:00 GMT Lynn Brennan Photography: Blog 80 120 Pregnant? Now is the time to reserve your newborn photography session Newborn baby sleeping on a green background.Newborn baby girlSuch a perfect little baby.

Congratulations, you are having a baby!

Between gender reveals, baby showers, getting the nursery ready for the new arrival and nesting, you should also be reserving your newborn photography session!

I LOVE when I am one of the first people told when a baby is on the way (I'm a really good secret keeper). While you don't need to reserve a session before you tell your parents, I would definitely recommend reserving your session before the baby is born.

When I say reserve a session, I don't mean pick a time and day — because, let's be honest, babies will come when they are ready and not a minute earlier. What you should do is message me with your due date, and I will put you in my calendar. My goal from a newborn session is to give you beautiful art to hang in your home for decades. I want to have a chance to talk to you about what your home looks like, the color and theme of the nursery. Do you or the father have any interests or activities that you hope to pass down to the next generation? Gathering all of that information will help me come up with ideas and props to make your session uniquely yours. 

Once the baby comes, let me know as soon as you can and we will get you scheduled for your session. I recommend newborn photos be done when they are between 4-14 days old.

Don't stress out if you have a newborn and didn't reserve a session in advance, I would love to work with you too! Call me as soon as possible so we can start the planning!

To schedule your session, feel free to message me on Facebook, email me at [email protected] or call/text 607-382-5026.

Click here to learn more about what to expect during your newborn session!

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2020 Mini Sessions  

2020 Mini Session Schedule

In 2020 I am excited to be offering monthly themed mini sessions. The themes will be announced several weeks in advance and will have very limited availability. I will release time slots, once the spots are filled, no more mini sessions for that month will be offered so be sure to sign up early. 


If you see a mini session theme you are interested in, but the spots are full. You do have the option of booking a session using that theme at the normal session price. 


January 19 — Boudoir 

Click here to reserve your spot

This one is for: Adults looking for the perfect gift for their significant other for Valentine’s Day. These sessions will be in the privacy of my studio, located at 24b Park Drive in Hornell. 


  • Cost: $175
  • Availability: Limited to six spots
  • The details: Your 30 minute mini session will include 5 fully retouched digital images and an 8x10 print. Other add-ons will be available (photo books, canvases, additional images, etc). You will be able to choose your images directly after the session. Feel free to bring a friend to help you feel more relaxed and cheer you on! 
  • Interested in getting several people together for a boudoir party? Want more than 30 minutes of shooting time or are interested in a different location? Message me today for details!


February 1 — Valentine’s Day

Click here to reserve your spot

This one is for the kiddos.

  • Cost: $100 ($25 non-refundable retainer due at time of booking)
  • Includes: 15 minute session time, 5 edited digital images and a print release. You will have the option to add on additional images, prints, canvases or albums to your session.
  • With a pink, white and purple floral theme, this will be a super cute session for your little ones. This setup will accommodate up to 3 children. Have a baby or toddler? Put on some bright red lipstick and leave kiss marks all over them. Put your school-age children in their finest and have a dress up shoot (little girls outfits available in sizes 4-8.)


More details to follow for the following sessions:

March — Pay what you can

April — Easter 

May — Mommy & Me

June — TBA

July — TBA

August — TBA

September — Back to school

October — TBA

November — Christmas 

December — TBA


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Official Studio Announcement with photos The interior of Lynn Brennan PhotographyMy new photography studio, located at 24B Park Drive in HornellThe studio will officially be open for business on Friday, January 3, 2020.

The highlight of 2019 for me was, without a doubt, the opening of my new studio on December 1. 

All of my photography career I have been telling myself that I didn’t want a studio. I love to get the natural photos of families enjoying the outdoors, playing in the leaves in the fall, smelling the flowers in the spring. The studio wasn’t exactly a long time in the works, it really came out of nowhere.  The exterior of the Lynn Brennan Photography studio.F9A4AB02-1FD3-4209-B1B6-2AED4B6691B9The new studio is located at 24B Park Drive in Hornell, next to the car wash.

My husband, Cody, and I were at the hospital waiting for my stepson to get out of his most recent eye surgery. Cody was scrolling through Facebook when he came across a commercial space for rent. The space was small, but recently painted, with gorgeous flooring, less than 1/4 mile from our home. After talking it over and looking at the space the following day, we decided that if I didn’t give it a shot now, I may never do it. 

So I signed the lease. 24B Park Drive is mine for the foreseeable future. 

It was such a terrifying, but exciting step for my business. 

Over the next couple weeks we got everything moved in and set up. I have done a couple test shoots and worked out a few kinks with backdrops and lighting. 

Those who know me and have worked with me in the past know that, because I didn’t have an adequate space, and wasn’t properly educated, I rarely took on newborn sessions. That is about to change. I have invested quite a bit of money in newborn props and accessories, backdrops, and most importantly, classes. Since I signed the lease at the end of November, I have participated in about 40 hours of training in how to properly and safely photograph newborns.          Newborn and toddler headbands.HeadbandsA few of the headbands I have on hand for your newborn or toddler. There’s plenty of options for the boys too!

I will still be offering natural photos of your families in the outdoors, but will now be able to offer studio sessions in a controlled environment. I look forward to little sitter sessions, babies, cake smashes, boudoir and more. I have a space to meet with engaged couples to discuss wedding plans. I can’t put my excitement into words.

Driving home from the airport after visiting my family in North Carolina for Christmas, my husband insisted we stop at the studio on the way home. Weird request, but OK.

He opened the door for me and there was a huge surprise inside. While I was gone, my husband arranged for the studio to be decorated, new furniture moved in, and rearranged. I was speechless. His partner in crime, Andrea Zanghi of Rustic Luxe Furniture in Hornell, did all the legwork and made the beautiful pieces she moved in.

SignA photograph is the pause button for lifeOne of the awesome signs made for me by Andrea Zanghi of Rustic Luxe.

I can’t thank my clients who have supported me over the years enough. This wouldn’t be possible without you. Thank you to those of you who have trusted me to capture your wedding photos, who have allowed me in the delivery room when you first meet your baby, thank you for hiring me for family photos, senior portraits, engagements and everything else in between. You have helped me realize a dream I didn’t even know that I have.

2020 will be a make or break year for me and this studio. Keep an eye on my website and Facebook page in the coming weeks for more information about studio sessions. Outdoor portrait sessions will remain, for the most part, the same. I will also be offering a very limited number of monthly mini sessions. For more information on those, click here. 

A huge thank you to my husband, Cody, for believing in me and pushing me out of my comfort zone. Without you, I never would have taken this leap. And also to my parents for their never-ending support. 

I look forward to working with you all in the future!

F496CA8A-EE28-45F8-9973-67E13EE66D02F496CA8A-EE28-45F8-9973-67E13EE66D02 EE241DB5-CD7C-4B2C-9023-6C5693A048A2EE241DB5-CD7C-4B2C-9023-6C5693A048A2

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Sophia and Devon go Apple Picking Kids Portraits Hornell NY-76Kids Portraits Hornell NY-76

Nearly five years ago to the day, I took Sophia and Devon's photos at James Street Park in Hornell. A few weeks ago, I noticed their mom still had one of the photos I took of them as the background on her phone, FIVE years later. We both decided they were far overdue for more photos. 

We decided that Sunday morning I would pick the two kids up and get their portraits done. The locations would be a complete surprise for their mom. 

For a while now I have been wanting to so a photo shoot at Lain's Cider Mill. It is such a unique location that just screams fall. And who doesn't love an excuse to pick up a few bags of their cider donuts, apples and cider. 

A few more stops later and we decided we had all of the photos we needed. Not before recreating their mom's favorite photo from the original shoot though. 

Do you want to be surprised by a photo shoot from your kids? Let me know! It's also time to start dropping hints that you would like a photo shoot gift certificate for Christmas!


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Chloe's Senior Photos fbLBP_3461 copyfbLBP_3461 copy

If you were to ask me to describe Chloe's senior photo session in one word, that word would be vibrant.

She is a vibrant young woman, full of life and willing to try anything. The colors of the day were just as vibrant, to match her personality. 

The shoot started at Barillo Memorial Park In North Hornell, where she wanted to make sure her dog was included on the session. Next was to the Hornell High school football field bleachers, then Shawmutt park for the smoke bomb images. We wrapped up the session in Almond, in a field near Kanakadea Park. 

Our last (and wettest) stop was in the river just outside the Almond village limits. When I heard Chloe was a nature lover, enjoys the water and had recently taken up kayaking, I asked her if she would like to take some photos in the river. She jumped at the chance. The water was far from warm, but I think the end results were TOTALLY worth it. Hopefully she does too!

fbLBP_3179 copyfbLBP_3179 copy fbLBP_3221 copyfbLBP_3221 copy fbLBP_3255 copyfbLBP_3255 copy fbLBP_3325 copyfbLBP_3325 copy fbLBP_3387 copyfbLBP_3387 copy fbLBP_3402 copyfbLBP_3402 copy fbLBP_3413 copyfbLBP_3413 copy fbLBP_3451 copyfbLBP_3451 copy fbLBP_3499 copyfbLBP_3499 copy

Still in need of senior photos? Contact me today to schedule your time! 607-382-5026

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Wedding Win Wednesday: What to do if you fall in love with a dress, but not the price tag Buttons on the back of a wedding dress.One of MeiLing's bridesmaids carefully fastens the buttons on the back of her wedding dress.

Today’s wedding win comes from one of my most recent brides, MeiLing and involves what I believe is one of the most defining choices about a wedding – the dress.

MeiLing struggled to find the perfect dress.

“I love lace and knew I wanted my dress to have lots of lace, but I had always pictured a dress with long lace sleeves, an illusion top, and a ballgown skirt,” she said. “After trying on SO many dresses at 7 different bridal stores, I found that I was very drawn to strapless mermaid styles instead.”  Bride in a wedding dress in front of waterMeiLing + Ryan - Hornell Main Place Wedding-369Mei:ing's wedding dress looked like it was custom-made for her.

However, the dress she found was nothing like the ballgown she pictured herself in. She fell in love with the “Kiara” style dress by Provias.

She may have fallen in love with the dress, but she wasn’t in love with the price tag, so she left without a dress. But MeiLing was not about to give up on the gorgeous gown.

“A couple weeks later, I googled the style and designer. An ad popped up for and I found the style ‘Princia’ by Pronovias for sale (very similar to the dress I tried on), altered to my size, a bustle installed, at a fantastic price, and within driving distance.”

“I messaged the seller and asked if I could come try on the dress. She said yes and I drove out to NYC to try it on. Once I saw the dress I knew it was THE ONE. Everything about it was perfect. I loved the lace detailing, lace hem, the covered buttons, and a long train.”

The dress was clearly meant to be hers.

MeiLing + Ryan - Hornell Main Place Wedding-367MeiLing + Ryan - Hornell Main Place Wedding-367

This was the first I had heard of, and honestly, I love the idea.

MeiLing was able to save thousands of dollars, but still wear the perfect dress. You never would have known the dress had been worn before. It was in pristine condition and looked like it was made for her.

This is definitely an option worth looking into if you are still on the hunt for the perfect gown.

Is your wedding dress still wadded up in a ball in the bottom of your closet (like mine is)? It’s also a great option for women who have a wedding dress, but nothing to do with it.

MeiLing + Ryan - Hornell Main Place Wedding-763MeiLing + Ryan - Hornell Main Place Wedding-763In another brilliant cost-saving measure, MeiLing hand-made her own veil. Now that's talent! MeiLing + Ryan - Hornell Main Place Wedding-763MeiLing + Ryan - Hornell Main Place Wedding-763In another brilliant cost-saving measure, MeiLing hand-made her own veil. Now that's talent!

Every Wednesday I will be posting a wedding tip, either from me or one of my brides/grooms, to help others with their wedding plans. Do you have a wedding question, send it to me and I will try to answer it in a future blog post.



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Lily's Senior Photos fbLBP_2627 copyfbLBP_2627 copyThe goats at the Stewart Fanily Farm took quite a liking to Lily.

I doesn't feel like it was all that long ago that Lily was in elementary school, walking through the Evening Tribune building in Hornell where I worked with her mom. 

A few years ago I took photos of her and a group of friends before a school dance. Years ago I couldn't believe how old she looked. 

I was shocked when her mom contacted me about shooting her senior photos. A senior already??? HOW?

I have watched Lily transform from a cute, blonde-haired, blue eyed little kid, to a beautiful young woman, entering her senior year of high school.

After graduation in 2020, the Hornell High School senior hopes to take steps toward her dream job of working in the FBI. She showed her respect for law enforcement by posing with a thin blue line flag outside the state building in Hornell. 

The most memorable part of the shoot certainly was the stop at the Stewart Family Farm in Howard, where we arranged to have her photos taken with a heard of goats, Lily's favorite animal. The mischievous goats surrounded us, exploring the zippers of my camera bag, surrounding Lily, and generally giving her more attention than she expected walking into the pasture. 

Yellow being her favorite color, she posed with yellow smoke bombs, near Black-Eyed Susans, and in her favorite yellow pants. Overall, I am thrilled with how we managed to make her senior shoot uniquely hers. 

fbLBP_2694 copyfbLBP_2694 copy fbLBP_2735 copyfbLBP_2735 copy fbLBP_2750 copyfbLBP_2750 copy fbLBP_2764 copyfbLBP_2764 copy fbLBP_2793 copyfbLBP_2793 copy fbLBP_2812 copyfbLBP_2812 copy fbLBP_2824 copyfbLBP_2824 copy fbLBP_2896 copyfbLBP_2896 copy fbLBP_2933 copyfbLBP_2933 copy

Interested in booking a senior shoot with Lynn Brennan Photography? Click here for rates

Getting ready for a senior photo shoot and not sure where to start or what to expect? Click here for my Senior Photo Frequently Asked Questions

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Dancing in the dark Michael - Hornell Class of 2020-195Michael - Hornell Class of 2020-195

I have been DYING to do a photo shoot like this for years. 


I have had the idea to photograph a back-lit dancer, leaping in the air years ago, but try as I might, I struggled to find the perfect model. Then I met Michael. 


When we met to discuss his senior photo session, he made it clear he wanted to showcase his lifelong love of dancing. After looking through some of his dancing photos, I knew he would be the PERFECT dancer for this session. 


I really was happy with how the images turned out, I learned a lot for next time, and we all had a lot of fun. 


Special thanks to his mom and sister for all of their help. We couldn't have done it without you!

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What to know before for your senior pictures High School senior on a horse.Home school Senior photosOften people ask if they can bring their pets. My answer: The bigger the better.

I have a high school senior! Now what?

What to know when booking a senior photo shoot with Lynn Brennan Photography

Congratulations! If you are reading this, you are probably either a senior, or are a parent of one. Amidst the craziness of preparing for senior year, I try my best to make your senior photo experience as painless and fun as possible. Here is a FAQ guide to help you through the steps. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out!


When do senior shoots get scheduled?

There is a wide range for when you can have your photos taken. Most like to have them done the summer before your senior year, into early fall. I have done senior photos as late as the summer after senior year though. If you plan on having a photo taken by me in the yearbook, better to schedule them earlier rather than later. Yearbook deadlines often fall within the first couple weeks of the school year.

I only take on a limited number of seniors in any year, reserve your space early.

Senior shoots should be uniquely you

Probably never before in your life, and never again, will you have a photo shoot this tailored to who you are. Your senior photos should highlight who you are as a person at this important and exciting time in your life.

I always like to chat before senior photos to try to get an idea of your likes, dislikes and other things that make you, you. This will help me come up with ideas for unique locations and themes for your shoot.

Canisteo Greenwood SeniorSmokebombs? Check.

What time of day is best for a shoot?

Depends on the season. In the late fall and winter, any time of day is fine. Any other time of the year I recommend either Morning, Late afternoon, or early evening. NOT in the middle of the day (it’s hot, shadows are severe, and you will squint).


I NEED one of your senior videos!

Yeah you do! Just let me know when you book your shoot that you would like a video as well so I can bring the appropriate equipment.  Not sure what a senior video is? Click here. (Turn your volume on).


What do I wear?

Here is a guideline to help get you started. You certainly don’t have to stick to it. Sydney Livingston - Hornell Senior Photos-15Sydney Livingston - Hornell Senior Photos-15

I know the shopaholics aren’t going to like to read this, but your senior photo shoot really isn’t the time to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe (sorry). I recommend having 3-4 outfits for your shoot:

Your signature casual outfit

This varies a lot from person to person. It can be as simple as  jeans and a t-shirt. Are you ALWAYS in a hoodie? Wear it. More at home in a romper and heels? Awesome. Live in your pajamas? We will find a way to make this work -- challenge me. This is outfit is about telling your story through your personal style.

Your parent’s favorite outfit

I know, I know, I said this shoot is all about you. But, these photos will be hanging on the walls of their house for the rest of eternity. Let them pick an outfit for you. And remember, they are probably fitting the bill, so they get a say.

Something you feel AMAZING in

This should be more formal. I’ve seen everything from sundresses and button down shirts to evening gowns and tuxedos. The sky's the limit. What would you wear if your crush asked you out on a date? That’s the outfit I am talking about here.


A school uniform, your soccer warm ups, what you wear for your favorite activity. This is about telling WHAT you do with your outfit. Make it as fun as you want. (A cap and gown would be awesome too if you can find one!).

Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-71Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-71

Location, location, location Marcus Tingley-40Marcus Tingley-40

Back to the session being all about YOU. When we chat, please feel free to tell me about your favorite spots. People tend to think that you need HUGE, expansive gorgeous spaces for photos. You don’t. I have a list of pretty spots to go (and we will generally visit a couple of them). But I want to hear from you. Do you stop and get ice cream on the way home from school every day? There’s a spot! Live your life on a football field? Guess where we are going. Spend every free hour working at the local pizza shot? That would be AMAZING! (Don’t laugh, I am 100% serious).  Still stumped? That’s OK too! Some of my favorite sessions come from just hopping in the car and finding new locations.

We can always fall back on my pretty spots, but it’s always special if the location means something to you.



How long is this going to take?

Plan on two hours. Sometimes it takes more time, sometimes less. But 2 hours is a good rule of thumb.


I’m not super comfortable in front of the camera

No problemo! I will talk you through it. I will pose you as much (or as little) as you would like. I also have handy-dandy prompt cards with photos on them that I can show you and say “do this.”

I really do try to make it a fun experience, but be warned, my jokes are bad. (Stolen from my 7 year old bad).


Who can come with me?

That’s all up to you and what will make you the most comfortable. Bring a parent/friend/sibling, whoever will help you come out of your shell. If you would rather it be just the two of us, that’s fine too. I’ve found that, especially with girls, bringing a best friend can be super fun. Try not to bring more than two people though. 

Berardi Senior Photos Canisteo-Greenwood-64Berardi Senior Photos Canisteo-Greenwood-64

What if it rains?

Well, we have a couple options. I watch the weather like a hawk, and if it looks like the session is going to be a complete wash out, we may have to cancel, but I try not to. I do have access to a couple outdoor locations where we can shoot and not get wet. Feeling adventurous? Let’s shoot in the rain!


So I love your work, but I want to do something COMPLETELY different than everyone else

Yes, yes, YES. The more different, the better. Let’s chat.


How many photos can I expect from my session?

Generally you can count on about 50 photos. For a two hour session, this may not seem like a lot, but it will when you decide which prints you want to order… trust me.


Let’s talk money. What do I owe you?

There is a $300 sitting fee due at the time of your session. That fee is applied toward the cost of the package you choose. For information on my current packages, click here.


I want to have more than one session

Totally doable. I’ve done this a few times. For example, for someone who wanted photos in a field of flowers, but was also a superstar skier. An additional $200 sitting fee would apply.

Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-71Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-71


Can I see examples of past senior sessions?

Sure thing, just ask!


How long do I have to wait to see the finished product?

Let’s be honest, we all love social media, so I will post a sneak peek of your session within 48 hours of your shoot. (If this is something you would rather not have, just let me know.) For the whole gallery, turnaround depends on the time of the year. I try to get your rough proofs back within two weeks.



Speaking of social media, once I get all of my photos, can I share them?

Absolutely! I LOVE when clients share my images. I just ask that you not add any filters (if there is something you would like done to an image, let me know and I will edit it for you). It would also be great if you can tag Lynn Brennan Photography when you post them.


I love the proofs! Now what?

Now you pick a package. I can either send you a form to fill out to choose which images you would like, or we can sit down and figure it out together. It can be a daunting task.


Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions. 

To schedule a shoot, Message me on Facebook, or Call/text me at 607-382-5026



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When a photo shoot turns scarily adorable When a photo shoot turns scarily adorable


Little girl surrounded by purple flowers.Finley and LandonMeet Finley. As the old saying goes, though she is but little, she is fierce.

The best photo shoots seem to happen when you take an idea and tweak it just a bit. That is exactly what happened during Finley's Phlox photo shoot in  Hornell Sunday morning. Sometimes I write in detail about the events of a shoot, the planning, etc. 

This time I will just let the photos speak for themselves. Little girl in a field surrounded by purple flowers. Finley and LandonWhen Finley's mom heard about my Phlox mini sessions, she knew she had to have photos taken of her little girl surrounded by her favorite flowers. When Finley's mom heard about my Phlox mini sessions, she knew she had to have photos taken of her little girl surrounded by her favorite flowers.
Little girl sitting on a blue blanket.Finley and LandonFinley's session started out like any other. Finley's session started out like any other.
Boy in a Jason mask coming out from behind a tree.Finley and LandonBut then things took an interesting turn. But then things took a turn.
Jason Blog 4

Look out behind you!!! Jason Blog 6Finley and LandonThankfully, Finley noticed the "monster" creeping up behind her. Thankfully, Finley noticed the "Jason" creeping up behind her.
Jason Blog 5Finley LandonLuckily she is fast and began to run. Luckily she is fast and began to run.
Jason Blog 8Tables have turnedBut then Jason had the tables turned on him, and Finley stole his machete and ran off with it (and a flower).

Somehow, Jason had the tables turned on him, and Finley stole his machete and ran off with it (and a flower).
Jason Blog 7Run Finley, run


Using her pretty eyes and charming personality, Finley was able to show Jason the error of his ways, and even convinced him to stop and smell the flowers. And even pose for a few photos. 

Jason Blog 10Jason Blog 10

Jason Blog 11JasonHe even was willing to pose for few photos. Special thanks to big brother Landon, who was all too willing to participate in his little sister's photo shoot. Jason Blog 13Jason, unmasked Interested in putting an interesting twist on a photo shoot? I would love to hear your ideas! Contact me today, 607.382.5026 or [email protected]

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Model call: Trashing the dress MODEL CALL: Let's trash that dress!

My PostMy Post

Do you have a wedding dress you wouldn't mind getting ruined, as well of a sense of adventure? I need you in my life!

Bride and groom jumping into a lake.Trash the dress sessionAdam and Courtney take a running leap and jumped into Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg the day after their wedding in 2014. Nearly four years ago, I had to the honor of being a bridesmaid in one of my best friends weddings. Although cold and stormy, the wedding was beautiful. It was held at their home on Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg (aka Webster Lake) in Massachusetts.

The morning after the wedding, my phone rang, it was the bride. The conversation went something like this:

Courtney: Hey Lynn, are you still in town?

Me: Sure am, what's up?

Courtney: I think I want to jump in the lake in my wedding dress, is that something you would take pictures of?


Shortly after arriving at her home, Courtney and her groom held hands under the arch they were married less than 24 hours before, took a running leap, and jumped in the lake. It was amazing. 

Since then, I have been wanting to do more trash the dress sessions. My mind is full of ideas, but so far no one has approached me for a session. 

That's why I am holding a model call!

I have SO many ideas, I am going to be looking for several models to work with. If you have an idea, I would LOVE to hear it. 


Here is what I am looking for: 

  • Own your own dress that still fits (or that we can make fit)
  • Don't mind that your dress MAY get destroyed by any (or all) of the following: water, paint, dirt, mud, or anything else I come up with between now and then
  • Be open-minded with an adventurous personality.
  • Be willing to allow me to use your images on my website, blog, and other marketing materials

In exchange for your time and use of your dress, you will get digital images from your session, along with the chance to purchase prints at a discount. 

Does this sound like it is up your alley? Send me a message on Facebook! If you have an idea, please include that as well! I am looking for 3-4 models. 

Bride and groom jumping into a lakeTrash the dress sessionDon't know what to do with your wedding dress after the big day? What about a trash the dress session? Bride and groom jumping into a lakeTrash the dress sessionDon't know what to do with your wedding dress after the big day? What about a trash the dress session? Bride and groom jumping into a lakeTrash the dress sessionDon't know what to do with your wedding dress after the big day? What about a trash the dress session? Bride and groom jumping into a lakeTrash the dress sessionDon't know what to do with your wedding dress after the big day? What about a trash the dress session? Bride and groom jumping into a lakeTrash the dress sessionDon't know what to do with your wedding dress after the big day? What about a trash the dress session? Bride and groom jumping into a lakeTrash the dress sessionDon't know what to do with your wedding dress after the big day? What about a trash the dress session?

[email protected] (Lynn Brennan Photography) after the wedding bride model call trash the dress Wedding dress Sat, 08 Jun 2019 02:41:28 GMT
A birthday photoshoot for me, and why you should book a personality session A birthday photoshoot for me, and why you should book a personality session

Two women throwing confettiConfetti PoppersWhat better way to celebrate your 29ish birthday than an over-the-top photo shoot with your best friend?

Woman celebrating a birthdayForever 29ishMe holding a Forever 29 banner we ordered for our birthday photo shoot. My best friend Chelsea and I are practically the same person. We act alike, like the same things, we are both photographers and were even born on the same day.

Every year we spend our birthdays together, this year was no exception. We struggled to come up with an idea of what to do this year. Eventually we came up with the perfect plan — a "Forever 29" themed birthday photo shoot. Chelsea turned 29, and I turned 29(ish).

We hired the talented Chelsie Renae Photography who agreed to capture our shenanigans. 

We spent hours deciding what to wear, how to do our hair and makeup and picking the perfect props. There were cakes, champagne, streamers, banners, balloons, confetti, and LOTS of laughs.

We are over the top on a daily basis, to say we were extra on this day would be a very accurate understatement. 

Mother Nature blessed us with the perfect, overcast day for our shoot. Chelsie was a blast, humoring our shenanigans with the perfect amount of direction and letting us have fun. 

Why do I write all of this? Because I wish more people would do what we did that day.

It's common to hire a photographer for weddings, when you have a baby, when that baby is a senior in high school for the occasional family session. You want to remember these important moments of other people. But how often do you hire one for yourself?

Woman biting into a cakeMe taking a big bite of cakeThanks to Wegman's for the cake, it was delicious! Frosting covered faceMouth full of cakeNothing says birthday like a frosting-filled smile. Champagne bottle explosionChampagne bottle explosion Pro tip, you don't need to shake the champagne to get it to explode, but it sure did make it fun! I am guilty of this too. The only time I have hired a professional photographer was for my wedding. I always say I am going to do it, and don't get around to it and I regret it.

I wish more people saw the importance of having photos of yourself — not just of your loved ones. If not for you, then do it for future generations. Something beyond a selfie.

I stress this to people all of the time, this year I decided to practice what I preach. I don't feel terribly comfortable in front of the camera. I carry more than a few extra pounds, I'm starting to get a few grey hairs, and my smile lines are becoming more pronounced. 

None of that matters in the long run. 

I want future generations to be able to look back and think "wow, great-grandma really looked like she was a lot of fun!" The photos I had taken on my birthday illustrated this.

Like I said, my photo shoot was pretty extra and over-the-top. But let's be honest, so am I. That's who I am and I try to embrace it. Your shoot doesn't need to be like that. But it needs to capture the essence of you. 

Love to read? I would love to come up with a bookworm-theme session. 

Fashionista? Get your favorite outfits together and show them off!

Love to bake? Let me come to you and document your passion. 

I am so incredibly passionate about capturing the essence of who people really are and documenting it for future generations — not to mention for yourself. 

If you are interested in a personality shoot, give me a call and we can work out a plan!

Thank you again to Chelsie Renae Photography for her talents in capturing these photos for us.  <3

Pretending to be 29Pretending to be 29It's my birthday and I can be 29 if I want to.



CRP_5965CRP_5965 CRP_6092CRP_6092 CRP_6219CRP_6219

[email protected] (Lynn Brennan Photography) Personality session portrait photography Fri, 07 Jun 2019 01:00:00 GMT
Happy Birthday Jude! First birthday photos — Hornell, NY

Jude first birthday-11Jude first birthday-11
This handsome little man I finally got to meet on Saturday turns ONE today. And what a cutie he is.

Last week his mom, papa and I went on a pre-birthday photography adventure to celebrate his upcoming birthday. Jude first birthday-25Jude first birthday-25

First stop was Barillo Memorial Park in North Hornell. Though the ground was more than damp from all the recent rain, the budding trees made for the perfect early-spring backdrop. Jude sat perfectly in the adorable children’s rocking chair brought by his mother and smiled for the camera.  

Next stop was more fun for Jude — James Street Park, where he swung on the swing to his hearts content, sat on the slide (he isn’t a fan of sliding down them) and pretended to fly a plane.

After a little walk in his wagon, we finished up his session with the cake smash to end all cake smashes.

I was told that Jude loves sweets. And he did not disappoint.

He ripped into the cake like I have never seen before. Frosting everywhere. All over his clothes, his face, shoes, hair, everywhere. Even his family ended up wearing more than he expected. It was magical.

Happy first birthday Jude! And congratulations to his parents for making it through the first year.

Interested in booking a milestone photography session with Lynn Brennan Photography?
Call or text 607-382-5026 for details!


Jude first birthday-45Jude first birthday-45


Jude first birthday-50Jude first birthday-50

Jude first birthday-102Jude first birthday-102

[email protected] (Lynn Brennan Photography) baby photos Cake Smash family photos First Birthday one-year-old portrait photography Thu, 09 May 2019 20:23:17 GMT
No photo shoot is picture perfect — And that's what I love about them Afraid your children will won't be perfect during a photo shoot? You aren’t alone

Not to stress, there is perfection in the imperfections

Five children sitting on a bench.Sometime you need to let kids be kidsThis is the kind of photo I adore. The ones that you will remember. They may not be perfect, but they are real.


When scheduling a photo shoot, you probably imagine your beautiful family, smiling perfectly into the camera, following directions to the tee. Every snap of the camera shutter more perfect than the last.

That’s not the way it happens. Ever.  Kids playing on their dad. Let them be littleThis may not be a photo most would hang on a wall, but it is my favorite of this session.

And that’s OK.

Actually, it's awesome.

I love capturing the real personalities of the people I am photographing.  Even more than that, I love the imperfect shots between the ones you will likely hang on the wall. The outtakes.

Why do I write this? To let you know not to expect perfection from your children during shoots. And to reassure you, reading this, that when I say it is OK, and to let them have some fun, I truly mean it.

I will make sure you have the ones to frame and put on your walls, but I also want to make sure that you have some that show who your family is behind the scenes. Your children won’t always be able to climb on your shoulders. They won’t always want to pretend they are dinosaurs. They (probably) won’t always throw themselves on the ground when they are supposed to be smiling for photos.

That’s OK. Really!

Let me capture those moments for you as well. As frustrating as it can be when your kids aren’t perfectly well behaved, someday you will miss it.

Plus, then you will have photos to bribe them 20 years down the road.

Spring weather is just about here and my schedule is filling up quickly. If you would like to schedule a session with Lynn Brennan Photography, contact me today!

A mom and to boys pretending to be dinosaurs. RawrrrrrrrSometimes you have to join in on your dinosaur-loving kids' fun!


[email protected] (Lynn Brennan Photography) family photos portrait photography preparing for a photo shoot Tue, 16 Apr 2019 03:10:13 GMT
First Birthday Cake Smash | Hornell, NY Little girl with cake on her faceCake smashEvery birthday should be celebrated — first birthdays need to be remembered forever. Contact me today to schedule a first birthday photo shoot!

It was such a pleasure to capture this cutie's first birthday cake smash — but as her mom and grandma will testify — it wasn't easy work. It took a lot of work from the three of us to get her to smile.  one year old girl on a white wooden backdropCake smashFirst birthday photo shoot

We played Baby Shark, we sang, danced, rolled around on the floor, jumped up and down. Nothing seemed to work. We even enlisted my cats to walk around to see if they could get her to smile. 

I thought for sure once the cake was placed deliciously on the ground in front of her, we would get a smile.


It was en EPIC staring contest. And she was winning.

Enter: Grandma.

She got down on the floor next to me and started tickling her granddaughter. 

Sure enough, the giggling started. There were squeals, laughs, and plenty of smiles to go around. 

Looking at the beautiful smile, it was well worth the work, and the wait.

Happy first birthday!


Every birthday should be celebrated — first birthdays need to be remembered forever. Contact me today to schedule a first birthday photo shoot!



Grandma tickles her granddaughter.Cake smashGrandma saves the day, ticking her granddaughter during her photo shoot celebrating her first birthday. Baby with a fist full of cakeCake smashEvery birthday should be celebrated — first birthdays need to be remembered forever. Contact me today to schedule a first birthday photo shoot!

Cake smash-69Cake smashEvery birthday should be celebrated — first birthdays need to be remembered forever. Contact me today to schedule a first birthday photo shoot! Cake smash-111Cake smashEvery birthday should be celebrated — first birthdays need to be remembered forever. Contact me today to schedule a first birthday photo shoot!

[email protected] (Lynn Brennan Photography) baby photos Cake Smash First Birthday one-year-old Portrait Photography real photo shoot Wed, 03 Apr 2019 03:36:08 GMT
Lynn Brennan Photography named to Best of the Best 2019 Hornell Best of the BestClick here to see the rest of the Hornell Evening Tribune Best of the Best Winners


Sunday I learned that, for the fourth year in a row, I was voted as best photographer in the area by readers of the Hornell Evening Tribune. This really means so much to me, and all of the other small business owners who put our hearts and souls into what we do. I am truly honored that people would take time out of their day to vote for me.

Thank you!

I'm also thrilled to announce that I came in second place for the Dansville, NY area as well (about 20 minutes north of Hornell) You Can see the Dansville area winners on the Genesee Country Express website. 

There are some absolutely amazing photographers in the area, and I am thrilled to be considered a part of that group.

According to the Tribune, nearly 32,000 votes were cast over the course of the contest. Over 8,000 votes were cast in the Genesee Country Express contest.  

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 8.37.25 PMScreen Shot 2019-03-28 at 8.37.25 PM

[email protected] (Lynn Brennan Photography) Awards Birth Photographer? Portrait Photographer wedding Photographer Fri, 29 Mar 2019 01:01:21 GMT
What to ask your wedding photographer — FAQ I’M GETTING MARRIED… NOW WHAT?


Engagement ring in a snowball.Winter Weather Engagement PhotoWho said engagement photos need to be done in warm weather? If you are a winter lover, I am more than willing to brave the cold! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!

For many brides, their wedding is the first time they have ever had to book a photographer. Trying to choose the right person to document your special day can be overwhelming, but I am here to help you!

When you book me to shoot your wedding, you are getting much more than just a photographer on your big day. I will work with you every step of the way to help you find other vendors if necessary. I help develop the timeline of your wedding day to make sure the day will flow smoothly and I do my best to prepare you for and help you through any bumps in the road leading up to, and on your wedding day.

I shoot about 20 weddings per year, you only get married once. Let me use my experience to help you!

Call me to reserve your date and I will walk you through the next steps.


How long have you been taking wedding photos? I shot my first paid wedding in 2004. I loved it from day 1! Beginning in 2019, I will also be offering brief videos to wedding packages. (details coming soon). 


How far in advance do you book weddings? For weddings, the farther out you can book me, the better, so I can be sure to have your special day free! I will book up to three years out for a wedding. The closer it is to your wedding day, the more likely I will already have a booking.


How many weddings will you shoot on a day? ONE! I limit myself to one wedding per day, even if the schedules allow for a double booking. This is to assure you have my complete attention all day.


How much do you charge? I know that weddings can be REALLY expensive. I try to keep my prices reasonable while still providing beautiful images that capture the most important moments of your special day.

Click here for a link to my wedding packages.


Do you travel for weddings? YES! I LOVE to travel for weddings. There is something about taking photos in a new place that gets the creativity flowing. I am based in Hornell, NY, but frequently travel for weddings. I return to New England about 2-3 times per year for weddings. I have also gone to Connecticut, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, New Hampshire and California.


Do you charge for travel? There is no charge for travel for weddings within a 50 mile radius of Hornell, NY. For weddings farther away than that I will put together a custom amount. I do my best to keep travel costs down for you.


Do I get all of my photos? For the most part. After I go through all of your wedding photos and delete ones that didn’t come out, and edit all of the good ones, you get a wooden USB drive with the edited images as well as a print release so you can have photos printed at the location of your choice.


How do I get my photos printed? That is up to you. You just paid a good sum of money to have me take your wedding photos. I believe that you should have printing rights to those images. I provide a print release when I give you your digital images so you can have them printed at the location of your choice. Or, you can print the photos directly through my website. All of my brides and grooms get a percentage off their prints through my website depending on the package purchased. I would be more than happy to recommend printing companies depending on what products you are interested in, and I will help you along the way!

I do recommend printing your photos, especially any you plan on framing, through my website. I use professional labs that will guarantee your images are perfect, of the highest quality, and don’t fade over time.

I also offer a wide array of products including AMAZING canvases, large prints, calendars, albums and gifts. I will be happy to show you examples.


Do you have a second photographer? I have a couple photographers in the area I contract with if you would like to have a second photographer for your wedding, just ask!


What kind of camera do you use? I shoot with Nikon cameras and all of my gear is professional quality. I currently have a Nikon D750 and Nikon D800 that I use as my primary cameras, and two Nikon D300s I use as backups.

I also have an assortment of lenses and flashes. I always have backups of my equipment, so in the unlikely event that there is an equipment failure, I am prepared! All of my cameras write to two memory cards simultaneously, so if there is an issue with one card, there is always a spare!


Have a question that isn’t answered here? Feel free to reach out!


[email protected] | 607.382.5026 |


[email protected] (Lynn Brennan Photography) How to choose a wedding photographer wedding FAQ wedding Photographer Wedding photography Thu, 14 Mar 2019 02:34:03 GMT
I would like to shoot a wedding in all 50 states Life goal: To shoot a wedding in each of the 50 states

I would love it if you can help me out!

It may very well be the Holy Grail for wedding photographers — to shoot a wedding in every single state in the country, so I am certainly not alone with this goal.

As much as I love the regular venues that I work with, I am truly inspired every time I get to go somewhere I have never been before. It’s like an adventure to quickly scout out locations at new venues.

Here is my list with the states I have already shot a wedding in crossed out. Are you planning a wedding in a state I have yet to visit? Message me!

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

If you are planning a wedding in a state I have yet to shoot a wedding in, get in touch with me today, I would love to work something out!

[email protected] | | 607-382-5026


[email protected] (Lynn Brennan Photography) Life goal shoot a wedding in every state traveling wedding photographer wedding Photographer Thu, 14 Mar 2019 00:44:43 GMT