Chloe's Senior Photos

August 29, 2019

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If you were to ask me to describe Chloe's senior photo session in one word, that word would be vibrant.

She is a vibrant young woman, full of life and willing to try anything. The colors of the day were just as vibrant, to match her personality. 

The shoot started at Barillo Memorial Park In North Hornell, where she wanted to make sure her dog was included on the session. Next was to the Hornell High school football field bleachers, then Shawmutt park for the smoke bomb images. We wrapped up the session in Almond, in a field near Kanakadea Park. 

Our last (and wettest) stop was in the river just outside the Almond village limits. When I heard Chloe was a nature lover, enjoys the water and had recently taken up kayaking, I asked her if she would like to take some photos in the river. She jumped at the chance. The water was far from warm, but I think the end results were TOTALLY worth it. Hopefully she does too!

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