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Alexa, a Hornell High School Senior, wanted something different for her senior photos. She didn't want images taken in a field of flowers, or on a hilltop. So we hit the streets of Hornell and created these amazing images.
Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-2Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-3Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-4Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-5Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-6Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-7Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-8Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-9Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-10Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-11Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-12Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-13Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-14Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-15Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-16Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-17Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-18Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-19Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-20Alexa VasnScoter Hornell-21