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Iella's family asked me to come and get family photos and capture the other special moments of her first birthday party.

We wrapped up the shoot by creating a little bit of magic by taking some photos of Iella in the yard. With more than a little bit of photoshop magic, a unicorn was added to one of the images.
Iella First Birthday-2Iella First Birthday-3Iella First Birthday-4Iella First Birthday-5Iella First Birthday-6Iella First Birthday-7Iella First Birthday-8Iella First Birthday-9Iella First Birthday-10Iella First Birthday-11Iella First Birthday-12Iella First Birthday-13Iella First Birthday-14Iella First Birthday-15Iella First Birthday-16Iella First Birthday-17Iella First Birthday-18Iella First Birthday-19Iella First Birthday-20Iella First Birthday-21